Ethics and Commitment

In addition to the goal of producing valuable and sustainable favorable pieces with the highest quality standards, animal welfare, respectful and species-appropriate treatment of the alpacas as well as the preservation of their natural habitat have absolute priority for us. The close relationship with our partners and producers in Peru enables us to personally convince ourselves that no animal is harmed for the raw material extraction of our products. Furthermore, we support the local farmers and communities.

For the sake of the animals.

Alpacas are extraordinarily valuable animals. Their wool is an exquisite raw material and a noble gift of nature. A life expectancy of 15 to 20 years makes shearing the animals over their entire lifetime far more profitable for alpaca farmers than the individual fur. In line with our values, we only use furs from animals whose lives have come to a natural end, for example due to their age or the harsh climatic conditions in the highlands of the Andes. With our products you enjoy ethically correct luxury, for whose existence no animal has been harmed or suffered.

For the sake of the farmers.

The condition that the animals are not harmed for the production of our products is the first priority. However, our ambitions goes further: In a globalized world, in economically, politically and ecologically challenging times, it is important for a company to assume responsibility and give back to society. We have not only set ourselves the goal of bringing the traditional Peruvian craftsmanship to the world, but at the same time support local farmers and producers to lead a self-determined life. That is why we donate a part of our profits to charitable projects in our manufacturing country Peru.