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The perfect blanket for two.

Due to the excellent thermal properties of the alpaca fiber, the wonderful blankets made of Ultrafine Alpaca wool provide wonderful warmth and irresistibly invite you to cuddle up and relax. Whether as a large bedspread for the double bed or as a perfect blanket for two on the couch. Thanks to the opulent size of the RAYA blanket, any dispute about the blanket is obsolete - enjoy moments together under the warming alpaca blanket.

Shipping in an exclusive gift box.

Qualität: Gefertigt aus 100% Ultrafine Alpaca-Wolle.

Other characteristics

The alpaca fiber has a natural shine. It is breathable, has unique thermal properties and contains hardly any lanolin (wool fat). This makes it suitable for allergy sufferers, babies and the most sensitive skin. Dust-repellent, self-cleaning, low-lint and almost completely pilling-free.


In order to preserve the unique properties of the alpaca fiber, we recommend hand washing the wool products with a mild detergent or wool shampoo in lukewarm water (30°C) or on the wool cycle. We generally recommend professional cleaning if there is any serious dirt.

The Journey

The story of WEICH Couture Alpaca began with the journey of 16-year-old Jannik Weich, on which he discovered his fascination for the special fiber of alpacas in Peru. We take you on this journey and the creation of our company. Sit back and enjoy: “softness redefined”.

To the whole video

For the welfare of the animals.

Alpacas are extremely valuable animals. Their wool is an exquisite raw material and a noble gift from nature. No animal is harmed in the extraction of our materials; neither for the wool from the annual shearing nor for the fur obtained as a by-product. In addition to the incredible softness, this is the absolute unique selling point of our textiles. With our ethically sourced products you can enjoy natural and sustainable luxury.