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Gently soft relaxation for the neck.

Following the success of our bestseller hot water bottle CALMO, we have developed the unique neck hot water bottle NUCA. Enjoy maximum warmth in a new shape that perfectly conforms to your neck, providing warmth exactly where it's needed. Thus, you can prevent any tension and pain without having to forego the uniquely soft texture of alpaca fiber. Thanks to the heat-retaining alpaca fiber, the hot water bottle stays warm indefinitely.


100% Royal Alpaca fur (Huacaya Alpaca).


Internal hot water bottle: Hugo Frosch
Recommended water temperature: 60 degrees Celsius
Filling volume: Regular 1.8l, Junior 0.6l, Mini 0.2l

Further characteristics

Alpaca fiber has a natural shine. It is breathable, has unique thermal properties, and contains very little lanolin (wool fat). As a result, it's also suitable for allergy sufferers, babies, and the most sensitive skin. It's dust-repellent, self-cleaning, low in lint, and almost completely free from pilling.


To maintain the unique properties of the alpaca fiber, we recommend gently vacuuming and shaking out the fur products regularly. Occasional brushing with a special brush preserves the natural shine. Generally, for heavy soiling, we recommend professional cleaning.

The Journey

Die Geschichte von WEICH Couture Alpaca begann mit der Reise des 16-jährigen Jannik Weich, auf der er seine Faszination für die besondere Faser der Alpakas in Peru entdeckte. Wir nehmen Sie mit auf diese Reise und die Entstehung unseres Unternehmens. Lehnen Sie sich zurück und genießen Sie: "softness redefined".

Zum ganzen Video

Für das Wohl der Tiere.

Alpacas are extraordinarily valuable animals. Their wool is an exquisite raw material and a noble gift of nature. No animal is harmed for the extraction of our materials; neither for the wool of the annual shearing, nor for the fur obtained as a by-product. In addition to the incredible softness, this is the absolutely unique selling point of our textiles. With our ethically harmless products, you enjoy natural and sustainable luxury.