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An ode to fluffiness. According to your needs.

The element of surprise at the first touch pulls you in immediately. So tender, so soft that you don't want to let go of it, but want to keep stroking it, cuddling it up. The softness of a WEICH pillow is inimitable, simply unique.

Dispatched in a high-quality cloth bag.


Quality: 100% Royal Alpaca fur.

Fur type: Suri alpaca.

One-sided fur cushions have a reverse side made of elegant Alcantara.


Inner cushion with NOMITE certification and therefore suitable for house dust allergy sufferers. 90% feathers and 10% down.

Other characteristics

The alpaca fiber has a natural sheen. It is breathable, has unique warming properties and contains hardly any lanolin (wool grease). This makes it suitable for allergy sufferers, babies and the most sensitive skin. Dust-repellent, self-cleaning, low-linting and almost completely pilling-free, the product should not be exposed to prolonged exposure to strong sunlight. UV radiation can otherwise cause discoloration.


To maintain the unique properties of the alpaca fiber, we recommend gently vacuuming and shaking out your fur product regularly. Brushing the fur occasionally with a special brush maintains the natural shine and removes light soiling. Alpaca wool products can be washed by hand with a mild detergent or wool shampoo in lukewarm water (< 30 degrees) or on the wool wash cycle. For coarse soiling, we generally recommend professional cleaning.

Here you will find the brush we recommend for maintaining the fur: Fur brush.