WEICH Couture Alpaca launches fundraising campaign for alpaca farm in the Ahr Valley.

WEICH Couture Alpaca startet Spendenaktion für Alpakahof im Ahrtal

As part ofthis year's WEICH Black Weekend, the company wants to give the excessiveconsumption of the worldwide "Black Friday", which traditionallyheralds the Christmas season, a meaningful and thoughtful connotation and tomake a very concrete positive impact beyond this consumption. For everypurchase made between November 25 and 29, the company will donate 10 euros. Thedonation will go to the alpaca farm "Hirschbach Alpakas", which wasaffected by the flood disaster in the Ahr Valley. Fortunately, people andanimals were saved from the flood, but the infrastructure around the farm,which is essential for its continued existence, has so far only been able to beprovisionally restored. Accordingly, the donations from the WEICH Black Weekendsale will go towards the reconstruction of urgently needed bridges and fences. Moreinformation about Alpakahof Hirschbach can be found here.

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