Hot Water Bottle CALMO

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The triad of look, feel and functionality: unique.

The unique WEICH hot water bottle not only visually enhances the otherwise monotonously drab hot water bottle, but also becomes an extraordinary, haptic experience thanks to its tender alpaca wrapping. Also unique are the very special thermal properties of the alpaca fiber, which provide a long-lasting warming effect. Warming beauty and world novelty.

Delivered in an exclusive gift box.

100% Royal Alpaca Fur (Huacaya Alpaca)

The alpaca fiber has a natural shine. It is breathable, has unique thermal properties and contains hardly any lanolin (wool grease). This makes it suitable for allergy sufferers, babies and the most sensitive skin. Dust repellent, self-cleaning, low lint and almost completely free of pilling.

Alpaca fur is naturally robust and rarely needs cleaning. For larger products we recommend occasional shaking on fresh air as well as gentle vacuuming. For smaller products regular brushing with a fur brush is sufficient. For coarse soiling, professional cleaning is advised.

Inlay: Hugo Frosch
Volume: Regular 1.8l, Junior 0.6l, Mini 0.2l