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Sie sind sich wegen der richtigen Farbe oder des Felltyps noch unsicher? Bestellen Sie Ihre Fell-Mustermappe noch heute hier .
Our rugs are individually handmade.
Delivery time 6-8 weeks

A unique eye-catcher with feel-good character. For a lifetime.

The signature product among WEICH home textiles: a rug made of pure Royal Alpaca fur.

Natural beauty and an oasis of well-being: in the morning when you get out of bed for a soft, cozy start to the day, in the evening when you end the day and relax in front of the crackling fireplace. The WEICH carpet invites you to linger on the floor - wonderfully warm and soft at the same time. The particularly dense, fluffy and fine fiber of the Huacaya alpaca irresistibly invites you to touch it and makes the rug a special design element that enriches any room. Combine the natural gold, brown and champagne tones with interiors in urban, industrial, classic or country style.

WEICH rugs reverently catch the attention of the viewer. Their natural and at the same time precious beauty inspires and captivates. Perfect symbiosis of traditional craftsmanship and natural, sustainable luxury. Delivered in a fine cloth bag.

100 % Royal Alpaca Fur (Huacay Alpaca) Backside: Anti-slip Suede

The alpaca fiber has a natural shine. It is breathable, has unique thermal properties and contains hardly any lanolin (wool grease). This makes it suitable for allergy sufferers, babies and the most sensitive skin. Dust repellent, self-cleaning, low lint and almost completely free of pilling.

Alpaca fur is naturally robust and rarely needs cleaning. For larger products we recommend occasional shaking on fresh air as well as gentle vacuuming. For smaller products regular brushing with a fur brush is sufficient. For coarse soiling, professional cleaning is advised.