Inspired by the traditional Peruvian craftsmanship and carried out into today`s globalised world.


The first encounter with Peru…

In 2009, Jannik Weich discovered the sustainable and incredibly soft Alpaca fur products on the local markets of Peru. Within the scope of a school exchange at the age of 16, he visited the magical country for the first time, where he also met his merciful host famile. Even today, he is accommodated there during his visits in Peru.


…is the beginning of a long journey.

After Jannik absolved his Abitur, he embarked on a journey of discovery through Peru. During this time, not only did he get to know Alpacas better, but there was much more to it: the Peruvian culture, language, and people. To Jannik, the significance of the Alpacas for the people as well as their uniquely cottony fur products was particularly coining. What was especially vital to him, was the wellbeing of the animals and he learned that the happy Alpacas are held ethically correct and thus, a sustainable production can be ensured.   


Two like-minded people get acquainted…

As part of his business studies, Jannik meets his friend David Kuttschrütter at the West Coast in Los Angeles, California. They are united not only by the joint passion for travelling but also by the growing ambition to start their own company. Jannik tells David about his experiences in Peru and the start-up idea gets more specific.

March 2017

…providing a basis for their startup in Peru…

Finally, during the Gap Year between the Bachelor and Masters study, the starting gun has been fired for a unique business idea: the Alpaca start-up WEICH Couture Alpaca. With Jannik’s surname, WEICH, which means soft in German, the name was not too difficult to find – the suitable manufacture, however, requires meticulous research. Furthermore, the infrastructure in Peru necessitates a high degree of adaptability and perseverance. In March 2017, Jannik convinces David to travel to Peru for the first time together in order to analyse the market and to find the perfect manufacture in terms of quality, sustainability and reliability. The business formation assumes shape.

September 2017

and found a unique start-up.

After the manufacture with the highest fibre quality was selected and once again, the founders assured themselves of the wellbeing of the animals, the first prototypes are being developed in the former child’s room of the family home. The company logo is autonomously being created and, just before the beginning of the master programme, the first, own company is founded.

March 2019

The adventure in the Peruvian Andes

In March 2019, it was time again to travel to Peru, where inspirations for further products have been won on a local fair trade. In addition to that, the founders were finally able to meet a traditional alpaca farmer at an altitude of 5000 meters in the highlands of the Peruvian Andes, far away from tourism and civilization. Overwhelmed by the absolute isolation, the impressing scenery as well as reaching their physical limits, Jannik and David where overly happy as they finally found the farmer named Angel. They received unique and authentic insights into the breed (Zucht) of the alpacas as well as the wellbeing of the animals.

September 2019

Investor Peter Pohlmann invests

The next step in the young company history has been made: the founders were able to find an investor for WEICH Couture Alpaca within the scope of their Master Thesis. Peter Pohlmann, founder of the POCO Einrichtungsmärkte and furniture as well as textile expert, becomes Gesellschafter and strategic partner. The WEICH Textil GmbH is founded , the capital and strategic partnership is used in order to extend the Bekanntheit of the brand, to open up the first store and to  bring forward the rollout of the accessories line presented exclusively on the Maison& Objet trade fair in Paris. More products are in the making…

September 2020

Launch of the Living & Giving wool collection

WEICH Couture Alpaca extends their product palet. Next to the home textiles and accessories made of ethically correct alpaca fur, the Living & Giving collection out of finest baby alpaca wool has been created. Diverse wool plaid models, suitable pillows as well as winter accessories such as scarves, beanies and gloves have been brought to market. Some products display a unique mélange of wool and fur, for example the fur border plaid “GLORIA” or the beanie “VICENTE” with a fur pompom. The base for a successive extension of the sortiment is geschaffen.

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