WEICH Couture Alpaca is the first brand dedicated to the rich Alpaca fur tradition of Peru’s ancestral cultures. The Alpaca fiber is softer than silk, scarcer than cashmere and holds warmer than wool which is why it is considered among the best fibers in the world.


Quality & Design

The WEICH Commitment to Quality

WEICH Couture Alpaca is founded in a new combination of the rich alpaca fur tradition of Peruvian ancestral cultures and the German quality promise. Thanks to hand-picked suppliers who specialize exclusively in alpaca fur, we can ensure the highest quality level of alpaca fiber “Royal Alpaca”. The quality of the alpaca fiber is traditionally measured in fiber thickness. The thinner the fiber, the finer the fur and the softer it feels. The quality level “Royal Alpaca” means that the fiber thickness is less than 18 microns, which means a similar tenderness as silk. This high quality is reflected in the so-called “crimp”, a slightly crimped fiber, which is recognizable when the fur is blown on. In addition, we have our products randomly tested in our independent laboratory in La Molina for our fiber quality in order to ensure the quality on a constant basis. The certificate shown shows a fiber thickness of only 15 microns.


The materials


The Huacaya animal has a short-haired, dense and therefore uniquely fluffy fiber. The perfect idea for cuddling.

The Suri has a long-haired, loose, silky fiber, which shows the natural shine of the alpaca fiber particularly well. The ideal variant for decorating.

These are all-natural colors. The alpacas naturally appear in 22 different colors, from snow white to beige and brown to deep black. Out of these, WEICH Couture Alpaca offers 10 different colors and thus has a wide range of colors for its products.



Originally, the alpaca fiber was appreciated by the royal families of the Incas for its natural shine, robustness and unparalleled softness. In addition, the alpaca fiber hardly contains lanolin, the classic wool fat. It is therefore dust and sweat repellent and ideal for allergy sufferers, babies and sensitive skin types. Consequently, the Alpaca fiber, in addition to its exclusivity, has unique properties and therefore fits perfectly into a sophisticated home as well as the upscale hotel and gastronomy industry. In order to be able to guarantee this suitability without hesitation, we have also had our products tested in the Bremen Environmental Institute for the main components of the GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) and no harmful residues (e.g. of aromatic amines, pesticides or chromium 6) were found.



Peruvian craftsmanship - handwork, personally selected


The art forge of our products: our traditional craftsmanship factory in the periphery of Lima, Peru. Here, our raw materials are carefully selected by the alpaca farmers to be processed in a meticulous, handcrafted process according to traditional recipes. After complex tanning and multiple washing processes, a product of inimitable softness is created.


In addition, the traditional craftsmanship guarantees a high-quality unique specimen.


Um das perfekte Produkt zu kreieren, bedarf es jahrzehntelanger Erfahrung, da es hier oft auf kleinste Details ankommt.

Elias – Head of manufactory



To maintain the unique properties of the Alpaca fiber, we recommend regular vacuum cleaning of the Alpaca fur with a smooth mouthpiece. A regular brushing with a wiry fur brush enhances the natural shine. For heavy soiling, professional cleaning is recommended.