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Tailored to your wishes: order your personalized products. WEICH Couture Alpaca responds to your wishes regarding size, color or logo. The direct contact to our manufactory in Peru and the individual production of the products allows us to realize every kind of product. There are no limits to your wishes, just contact us! Just click through the following configurator or contact our concierge:

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Choose your fur type


There are two different alpaca species with different fur fibers: The Huacaya animal has a short-haired, dense and therefore uniquely fluffy fiber. The perfect idea for cuddling.



In addition to the Huacaya animal, there is the Suri animal. The Suri has a long-haired, loose and silky fiber, which shows the natural shine of the alpaca fiber particularly well. The ideal variant for decorating.


Choose your color...

These are all-natural colors. The alpacas naturally appear in 22 different colors, from snow white to beige and brown to deep black. Out of these, WEICH Couture Alpaca offers 10 different colors and thus has a wide range of colors for its products.



Choose your size...

Because our products are made in meticulous craftsmanship, we can offer any size of our custom products. It goes beyond any standard dimensions, even those that we do not offer on the website, to special shapes, such as a round rug or a round seat cushion.


 We can also offer your pillow in rectangular shape, we adapt your throw to the width of your bed, we cut your rug exactly in the form, how it perfectly fits into the room (for instance, even 4×3 meters or 7×5 meters is not a problem). We can also make the teddy in the size of a child. There are no limits to your ideas!



You have created your unique product?


Contact us by mail, by phone or via the following contact form and we will contact you immediately with a non-binding, individual offer.


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