For the good of everyone - Sustainable alpaca farming

Our standars exceed our high-class fibre quality by far: a fair, sustainable and ethically correct alpaca breed as well as production provide the base for our work. Through our personal relationship with Peru, we were able to convince ourselves that no animal comes to harm during our raw material extraction. In addition to that, we support farmers and their communes.

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For the sake of the animals

We use exclusively furs of animals that have deceased from a natural cause – not all alpacas can cope with the difficult climate standards in the highlands of the Andes. 

Their life expectancy ranges from 15 to 20 years, so that shearing them yearly is much more productive than just one fur. It is a personal matter to us that our farmers treat the alpacas well which means that you can enjoy natural and sustainable luxury with our products – with the good conscience that no animals were harmed in the process.

For the sake of the farmers

The requirement that the animals do not come to harm in the process of our production matters to us the most. However, our aspirations go on: In times of political and economic difficulties it is important to pause for a moment and to give back.

WEICH Couture Alpaca set its sight on displaying the Peruvian Handwerk in our globalized world but also to support local farmers and producers in order to facilitate their lives. We thus donate a part of our profit to charitable projects in our country of production, Peru.

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