About Us


In 2009, at the young age of 16, Jannik Weich came into contact for the first time with the wonderful, llama-like Alpacas during an academic exchange program in Peru. He was captivated by these animals and their soft fur which he saw as a high-quality alternative to wool. Even after getting back to Germany, Jannik’s fascination with Alpacas never faded, and 8 years later, in 2017, he decided to bring recognition to the Alpaca fiber beyond the South American continent. Thus a responsible, luxury creator of ethically sourced Alpaca products,  Weich Couture Alpaca, was born. Founded on an unrivaled start-up spirit paired with German quality work, Weich Couture Alpaca has set itself the goal of bringing the regional life traditions of the Peruvian Alpaca fiber to our globalized world. No doubt: This is only possible with a unique product.


Weich. Couture. Alpaca. The name says it all (“Weich” is German for ‘soft’). Weich is not only the name of the founder, but also the embodiment of our products. Carefully selected raw materials of the highest quality (100% Baby Alpaca) from the Andes highlands, near Lake Titicaca, and hand-processed finishing “Made in Germany” gives the ultra-exclusive Alpaca raw material its appropriate setting. We process our signature label from a titan-refined metal/brass alloy on micro-grained calf leather. You can spot a Weich Couture Alpaca product from miles away!

Couture Alpaca – The bravura, to perfect the soft, natural animal fur with German tailoring art.


You will not find softer products. You want the softest? You get the softest. This is our maxim. Weich Couture Alpaca brings softness to a new level. Thanks to a hand-picked, personally known supplier in Peru with uncompromising and unrivaled quality, we can only use the highest quality raw materials. In addition, we offer each customer an individualization of the product, be it desired color, size or finishing. Finished in German precision work with finest selected materials. That’s a promise.

Weich Couture Alpaca Throw on a bed